Tesla’s $150 limited edition beer, CyberBeer, is officially out of stock

Tesla, the multinational automotive company helmed by Elon Musk, is offering something new that’s unlike its signature products. Nope, it’s not an electric car, but rather, a brooding, black bottle of beer.

Officially called the Tesla CyberBeer, the boozy beverage is described as “a Helles Lager with European Noble Hops Saaz and Hallertau Mittlefruh,” per Tesla’s website. The beer — which is only available as a limited edition set — “celebrates the angular exoskeleton of Cybertruck,” which is “designed to have the utility of a truck with sports car performance.” 

“Accentuated by notes of herb and spice and more notable aromas of tea and citrus, each bottle features a gloss black sleeve with a CyberBeer watermark (that looks even better chilled),” CyberBeer’s description claimed.

The beer is only available in North America. The complete Tesla CyberBeer set includes two bottles of beer along with two matte black ceramic beer steins. Tesla CyberBeer is brewed and bottled in California by Buzzrock Brewing Co.

At this time, Tesla CyberBeer is out of stock.