Dave Chappelle’s Israel criticism prompts audience walkout at Boston comedy show

During his show at TD Garden on Thursday, Dave Chappelle spoke out about the Israel-Gaza conflict, which spurred a walkout by some of his audience members. According to The Wall Street Journal, the comedian first condemned Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel before slamming Israel’s bombing of Gaza and the United States of “aiding the slaughter of innocent civilians.”

Chappelle’s comments were made after he said that he didn’t think students should lose job offers for being pro-Palestine. An audience member then demanded Chappelle to “shut up,” which elicited an emotional response from the comedian. Chappelle proceeded to bash the Israeli government for cutting off water and other essentials to Gaza and accused it of killing innocent people, according to those in attendance at the Boston show.    

A few members of the crowd cheered and shouted “Free Palestine” in support of Chappelle, while others yelled, “What about Hamas,” the attendees said. Some individuals got up and left the show. At the end of his routine, Chappelle reportedly added that “two wrongs don’t make a right,” when speaking about Israeli policies and the Hamas attacks.

Despite the reports from the show’s audience, a spokesperson for Chappelle told The Wall Street Journal the comedian “denies being in Boston that night.” TD Garden’s website confirmed that Chappelle had two shows at the venue as part of his stand-up comedy tour, Dave Chappelle Live: It’s A Celebration, B!%?#&$!. The first show was on Oct. 19 and the second was on Oct. 20.