A former McDonald’s chef shares the best store-bought alternative for classic Big Mac sauce

Turns out, you don’t have to make a trip to your local McDonald’s to get your hands on its famed Big Mac sauce. A former Mickey D’s chef has revealed where you can purchase an almost exact rendition of the condiment. In a new TikTok, chef Mike Haracz shocked fans nationwide after he shared a dupe for the Big Mac sauce that is currently available at Walmart.  

“Do you want to buy Big Mac sauce from the store? I’m a former McDonald’s corporate chef and I have your best option,” Haracz said in his video. “This is if you don’t want to make Big Mac sauce at home, which I have a recipe pinned up at the top of my TikTok [account] that is a little bit closer.”

Haracz continued, saying fans of the popular fast food chain’s sauce who are looking for something that’s both “store-bought” and “already purchased” should try Walmart’s Great Value Secret Sauce. The sauce, Haracz said, is “closest” to the Big Mac sauce that is “served in the restaurant.” 

“This version has a little more sweetness that probably has to do with water activity and food preservatives and whatever — things that you don’t care about, because you just want the best Big Mac sauce you can buy from the store,” he added when describing the sauce’s key flavor differences.

Haracz said he tried multiple sauces but Walmart’s Secret Sauce took home the top prize for being nearly “identical” to the Big Mac sauce. The condiment, which is available for $2.08, is the “closest thing you could get from the SuperMarket,” he said.

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Viewers were thrilled with the new revelation and praised Haracz’s recommendation. Others, who tried Walmart’s sauce before, attested to its great taste:

“Wow!! This is what’s in my fridge right now,” wrote one enthusiastic commenter, while another said, “Don’t sleep on great value products.”

“Oh man! I bought this over the summer. It’s a winner for sure,” wrote another fan of the Secret Sauce.

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