The View” mocks Ron DeSantis for wearing shoe-lifts: “Call me petty. I am relishing this story

“The View” couldn’t hold back their laughter while roasting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis during Thursday’s episode. Surprisingly, the topic of mockery wasn’t his politics or attacks on former president Donald Trump. Rather, it was DeSantis’ footwear.

Several social media sleuths recently claimed that DeSantis wears height-boosting insoles after photos of the governor’s bizarre-looking cowboy boots went viral on X and TikTok. Like clockwork, people shared posters and posts poking fun at DeSantis’ feet and stature (which he confidently asserted is 5’11”). Trump himself even shared one of the posts on the alt social media platform Truth Social.

Whoopi Goldberg compared DeSantis’ boots to those worn by Yosemite Sam, which elicited plenty of laughs from her co-hosts, notably Ana Navarro.

“Call me petty. I know you will; that’s never stopped me before! I am relishing and enjoying this story so much,” Navarro said. “Because, honestly, he has been terrorizing my drag queen friends in Florida for well over a year, because he has said that men in heels are a threat to society.

“It’s too bad he has no drag queen friends, ’cause maybe they would have taught him how to walk in heels!” she added.

When Sara Haines argued that she’s not a fan of people making fun of DeSantis’ height, Navarro countered, “We’re not picking on his height, he’s picking on his height! This is a complete self-own by Ron DeSantis.”

Watch the full clip below, via YouTube: