Mary Trump and Kathy Griffin mock Joe Rogan’s “IQ of a turnip”

Mary Trump, the niece and ardent critic of Donald Trump, sat down with comedian Kathy Griffin to roast controversial podcaster Joe Rogan and his “terrifying” influence.

In a video conversation, available only for paid subscribers to her “The Good In Us” newsletter, the two mocked Rogan’s ardent listeners for “believing Joe Rogan is the news” before attacking his career trajectory.

“I have to wonder, because when I first met him back in the day, he was a freaking road comic. He had a good act,” Griffin said. “He was the best of the best. I don’t think he would even say that. But he wasn’t horrible.”

She continued, “And then something happened where he decided to get all like, roided up. And I haven’t seen him in many years, but the last time I saw him, I didn’t even recognize him. And he became a UFC announcer, which is just.”

Griffin touched on the absurdity of Rogan’s $100 million a year contract with Spotify, the platform where his podcast currently resides. “I’ve read in my newspapers that nobody reads anymore, but it’s maybe 200 million!” she said.

Trump chimed in, claiming that Rogan attained his fanbase by spreading disinformation: 

“So, you know, there’s no competing narrative, there’s nothing challenging. And also people want to hear what they want, what fits in with their beliefs,” she said. “Yeah. Anyway, yes. The idea that somebody like Joe Rogan, who, you know, has like the IQ of a turnip. Is so influential [and] is kind of terrifying.”